Since the COVID-19 outbreak, which continues to sweep the globe as we speak, we’ve all been advised to stay indoors and keep human interaction to a minimum. This has created a major challenge for many industries, including one that thrives on human interaction: restaurants and food delivery companies.  

Many states and cities have advised restaurants, pubs and businesses in the food sector to resort to takeout only and have termed dining ‘on premises’ unsafe. While some restaurants are thankful that the delivery option hasn’t been sacked altogether – they’re finding it difficult to keep up with day-to-day consumer demands.  

However, a number of nations, including the UK, are easing off from the lockdown and slowly but surely returning to a more ‘normal’ pace of life. This means that a number of restaurants will be allowed to re-open, but most likely with strict measures in place – such as making deliveries only or asking customers to pick up their orders from designated takeaway spots.  

We understand the trials and tribulations restaurant owners all over the nation are currently facing – but we have a solution.

Introducing trof. – The most practical and cost-effective way to serve customers

We're making table service easy.

At a glance, trof is all about making table service easy. It allows you to resume your services safely, securely and far more efficiently than you ever thought possible.  

So how can this app make the everyday lives of business owners in the food delivery sector and their customers easier?

Trof is based on a very simple and straightforward premise: an ‘order and pay’ app with an intuitive and really easy-to-use interface which allows restaurants to operate a ‘straight to table’ or ‘click and collect’ service from any Android or iOS device.  

But why would restaurant owners and food delivery companies be interested? After all, there are probably well over a dozen apps that can already do this. Well – trof minimises costs, contact and streamlines the entire process for you and your customers unlike any other app that’s currently available.

How trof makes life easier for you and your customers  

Trof is the phone-to-food ‘order and pay’ app that restaurant owners have always wanted. In fact, it may even be hailed as the dream food order app for it puts your customers in the driver’s seat – allowing them to order what they want in the quickest, safest and easiest way imaginable.  

So let’s say someone wants to order a few dishes from your menu. All they do is browse through the menu, place an order and conveniently pay online – all from the comfort of their smartphone or handheld device. They can always choose if they want the food delivered directly to their table or come collect it from you at their convenience.

How does trof work exactly?  

At a glance, it all works on a very simple premise: register and sign up for free, set up your menu and start taking orders.

After a super-quick sign-up process, you can create your online store, which includes creating your menu and adding each item with a unique description. If you need help with this, we can set it up for you at no additional cost.

This is a chance to get creative and give customers insights into what you offer by creating sub-categories for each item and add-ons like side dishes which they could order along with the main course. For each item, you can provide the option for customers to either collect the order from a designated takeaway location or have it delivered directly to their table.  

During the sign up process, you will be asked to set up a Stripe account, which ensures that payments are made directly to your chosen bank account while also allowing you to manage them with a few taps. The user-friendly and intuitive reporting section gives you full control over payments at all times.  

Once you have signed up, set up an account with Stripe and make your store and menu available to all, complete with enticing descriptions, go ahead and set up your tablet or smartphone ‘behind the bar’ or in the kitchen – wherever you prefer to process orders – and link it up with a Bluetooth thermal printer to make things even easier. You’ll find that this is a great way to save time and quickly take down order after order.  

Every time your customer places an order, your device will display all current orders which haven’t been processed yet. Here, you can customise the display to view food and drink orders combined or each one separately. Print the order out for convenience’s sake, if you like.  

Take a look at the Order Status, and once it is marked as ready, you’ve got happy customers only a few minutes away! A simple, quick, easy and streamlined way to deliver orders to table or have them picked up.

Still wondering if trof is for you?

  • Super-easy, quick and free sign up process – register with basic details and set up an account with Stripe
  • No subscriptions, contracts or commitments required from your end – you never feel tied up
  • Stripe offers completely seamless and secure payments – get paid immediately and manage it all from an intuitive dashboard
  • Trof is free to sign up and free to use – the only fee you do pay is 1.4% per transaction and 20p to Stripe, which is the same principle when paying card machine fees, although we’re willing to bet that we’re a lot more economical

Closing Thoughts

Times are undeniably tough for restaurant and pub owners right now, but they don’t have to be.  

This is why Trof is not only free to use, but also offers your customers the option to donate to you – with the donations going directly to your Stripe account.  

It’s a win-win no matter how you look at it!

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