The hospitality sector has taken a swift right hook since the lockdown of the country, and then, as guidelines have just been released, that follow up uppercut to chin could mean that some of our beloved pubs & restaurants are forced to close their doors, or wait even longer to ensure when they open they can do so safely and securely and follow the government’s rules regarding data capture for their track & trace venture.

Opening our pubs again, whilst following guidelines, is going to be a challenge, we know this for sure. Some of the guidelines, in case you missed it, are laid out are as follows:

1. Social distancing of 1m+ to be enforced whilst indoors

2. Increasing the frequency of hand washing and surface cleaning

3. Staggering entry times

4. Reducing the need for customers to queue

5. Encouraging contactless payments

6. Encouraging the use of apps to place orders

And this is just to name a few. The implication of these guidelines has potential to damage the sustainability of venues that don’t adapt to the ever-changing situation.

What are the implications?

For a start, social distancing rules and entry time staggering, realistically means, you won’t be able to have as many people in your venue as you once did, and those who are in there are going to cost you more money, due to the measures you’ll have to take to ensure their safety. Not to mention the new rules regarding customer data.

You’re going to have to clean more; wiping down surfaces is going to be a full-time job for someone, taking away time for customers. Taking away time for customers will reduce the quality of service that they expect to have from you. So, what do you do? Do you take on more staff to deal with the demand? Adding more cost into the situation. You’re also expected to reduce the contact your customers have with surfaces, so say ta-ra to menus and table talkers.

Some people are opting for disposable, throw-away menus. Good idea, right? Well only if you want to keep printing cost high, and let’s be honest, they don’t look the best. Having to print a menu for every person who walks through your door isn’t the most cost-effective way of dealing with the problem, and it has further environmental and clean-up implications. What are you going to do with all that paper waste?

I could go on and on, but I’m 400 words in and don’t want to ruin your already stressful day searching for a solution.

The easy fix

As much as it seems there’s a mountain of complications to get through before you can open, there actually one easy way you can tackle it. So, let’s look at those key points again, but this time how we’re fixing it, in one fell swoop.

What if you could maximise your covers whilst still adhering to social distancing guidelines, beat the queues, reduce contact, eliminate unnecessary paper waste, remove the cost of printing, save the rainforests, avoid extra staffing cost AND maintain a certain quality of service?

Seems impossible, but it’s right in front of you.

By using trof you can achieve all these things with one app. And the best part about it, it’s free.

Using trof can eliminate queues, paper menus, reduce contact, and sustain a quality service though the order and pay facility. Customers simple view your products on the smartphone, order it, and pay. The goal of trof, is help you open again, this is why we offer the platform for free, and the only charge is for transaction, that you would get anyway with your normal card machine, and we don’t see a penny of it. Online ordering does seem more expensive for those who’ve managed to negotiate very low fees with their providers, we get that, and if we could find a cheaper payment platform that charged you less then we would do that, but it’s looking like a necessary evil in the changing market. Either way, we offer our platform for nothing.

We’ve heard the feedback and realise that some of these transaction costs can mean life or death of your margin, so we’re introducing the ability to have a “Menu Only” view; So no payments, no ordering, which equals = no fees. 100% totally free. Obviously, you’d have to work out a way to safely take payments and orders yourself, but most of the work is already done for you, in a safe and cost-effective way.

Benefits of the order & pay facility

Enabling the order & pay facility within trof means that you or your team have less to multitask. The orders go to the appropriate places, it’s easy and quick for the customer as they don’t have to wait for staff to be available to take an order. They can view at their own leisure, order what they want and wait for it to arrive.

There’s already proven increases to order value when in-app purchases are made. We can make suggestions to upgrade orders, add sides and options that all make the difference to you. Also, with streamlining the order process, your covers will turn over quicker, so you’re maximising the precious space that’s going to be available in a socially distanced environment.

And if you’re worried about that transaction costs, you’ll have the ability to set a minimum spend, and if you want to, transfer a transaction fee to your customers. Handy, right?

Final thoughts

We’re a super small team of pub and restaurant enthusiasts, we’re not opportunists. The goal of trof is get help businesses, and we’re constantly thinking of ways in which we can do that, so we love to hear feedback about how we can improve our service, and we plan on evolving and developing to make things better for you.

If you’ve got any questions about trof or just want to see how we can help your business, we’re available to talk to through Messenger or email us at

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