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How do I get set up?

Order and pay simply means, a customer can order from their phone, pay for it, and then have it delivered to their table, or collect it.

What does it cost?

It's literally 1.4% +20p on every transaction. that's it. No hidden costs, no set-up costs.

Do I have to use Stripe?

Yes. Our chosen payment provider is Stripe, as they're the most reliable, most trusted, keep you and your customers data safe, and they're the cheapest for online payments.

Do I have to have a Stripe account to use the ordering system?

Yes. In order to use the ordering system you have to take payment, which is through Stripe.

Can the customers pay in cash or use my existing card terminal?

Technically, yes. But you won't be able to take orders, as that requires payment taken by the app.

Can I use the ordering system but get my customers to pay in person?

No. For the ordering system to be enabled you have to connect your Stripe account. Once its connected, a payment is needed to place an order.

Can I print orders as they come in?

Absolutely! We have an auto-print function if you have a Bluetooth or network printer. We can also provide our recommended printer here.

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