What information do you need?

A list of every product you want on, in a clear and comprehensive structure, with clear prices. Try to avoid sending anything hand written.

What file can I upload?

Pretty much anything that's legible enough to read! It can be a picture, a list, a document, as long is it has all the information we need and is clear.

How long does it take to put my menu on?

We do our best to work towards a 24-48hr upload time. This can sometime take longer if the menu is more complex or if amendments are needed.

Looking for answers?

Check out our dedicated support section that will help get you up and running in no time!

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Need extra help?

Email us — info@trof.me

Or call us — +44 800 047 8139

We provide email support 7 days a week and are available on the phone during normal business hours. We do our best to respond to each request with a personalized reply within 24 hours.

Alternatively, you can chat to us on our social media channels, or our website chat box and we'll respond as soon as we're available.