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Guided Setup

This is your crash course in setting up your tróf for Vendors account. You'll find a step by step guide for getting started right here.

In this lesson you will learn:

  1. How to create your vendor account
  2. How to input your menu
  3. How to switch on orders and begin trading.

Let's get started  

First things first you need to download the Tróf for Vendors app from the App Store or the Google Play store. Click here to download the Vendor app.

When you open the app you’ll be asked to either ‘Sign In’ or ‘Register’. Assuming this is your first time using the app, you’ll probably need to set up your store for the first time. You’ll need to tap ‘Register’. Here you’ll be asked to enter the basic details about you and your venue. Simply follow the steps on the Setup wizard.  

Next, you’ll be asked to add a photo, this will be the image that your customers will see when they select your venue. This can be changed any time you wish.  

After you’ve added your photo, you will be prompted to set your opening hours by tapping on the times by each day. You can set days to ‘Closed’ too. You customers will see your opening hours and will not be able to place orders when you are closed. These can be edited later on if your opening hours change.  

Connecting to Stripe

At the next stage you’ll be prompted to connect to Stripe. This is our payment platform and you can read about it in more detail below. It’s a quick process and the setup wizard will guide you through each step of the way. You can skip this step for now if you wish but you will not be able to take orders through the app until you’ve connected to Stripe.  

Learn more about Stripe and the transaction fees here.


Your venue is now registered on trof. The next screen you will see is the dashboard, this screen shows your takings for the last 24 hours, the week and the month to date. You can also see the number of orders, tips and lots of other useful information. The Dashboard is the first page you will see when you log into your app.  

Inputting your menu

Before you start trading, you’ll need to input your menu.  To begin, tap the ‘Menu’ tab at the bottom of your Dashboard screen. Tap ‘New Category’ and then fill in each of the grey boxes.  

The ‘Show in Menu’ tab allows you to select whether or not your customers will see this category.

You can also choose to apply ‘Add-Ons.’ This allows you to offer additional items to the whole category. For example: If your category is 'Paninis' and you would like to offer an add-on of fries to each object in this category you can input ‘fries’ and the price. Your customer will be prompted to add fries to their panini after they select it. Once you’re done editing the category, remember to tap ‘Save Category’.

Pro tip: Increase your average transaction value by offering add-ons to your customers! Who doesn’t want a bag of crisps with a nice cold pint?  

When you’ve saved the category, you’ll be taken to the ‘Manage Menu’ page.  Here you can continue adding your different categories or you can begin filling your categories with menu items.  

When you’re ready to input your menu items, tap the grey category box, then tap the blue ‘New Product’ tab and fill in the item information. You can choose whether your customers will see the item by toggling ‘Visible/Hidden’ and if an item is sold out or unavailable use the ‘Availability’ switch.  

If you would like to add variations to a product you can do so using the green ‘Add Variation’ tab. For example: A house gin & tonic may have the option of 4 different tonics, your customer can choose which variation they would like. If there is an additional charge, let’s say one of the tonics is premium, you can add the additional cost here.  Once you’re finished tap ‘Save Product’ and you’re good to move onto the next item!  

We can do this bit for you with our FREE menu input service, let us know here if you’d like to take advantage of this.

Order Settings

Once your menu is all set, you need to turn on orders so your customers can see the menu and start ordering.  

Tap ‘Orders’ at the bottom of the dashboard screen and then tap the ‘Settings’ cog at the top-right of the screen.  This opens the ‘Order Settings’ menu. Here you can turn orders on and off.  You can also switch on/off the food and drink categories in your menu. This can be useful if you stop serving food after a certain time.

On this page you can also toggle which service options you’d like to offer too, Table Service, Collection and Home Delivery. You may also like to offer Pre-Orders, which can be turned on/off here too. This has a separate configuration wizard which can be found in this settings menu.

If you would like to print your orders as they come in, perhaps in the bar or the kitchen, you can set the printer up here as well. Please take a look at our Printing Orders lesson to see how to set this up. (Please note that this lesson is still under construction, please contact us for more guidance in the meantime.)

If you choose ‘Table Service’ your customers will be prompted to enter a table number when they order. If you choose ‘Collection’, your customers will receive a push notification when their order is ready to come and collect. Click here to read about Home Delivery.

Activate your Account

Once you’re finished configuring your settings, remember to tap ‘Save.’ The final step is to activate your store. This means you will be visible to customers and able to receive orders. To do this, head back to the Dashboard and tap the 'Menu' icon in the top left of the screen, tap 'Configure' and you will see the 'Activate' toggle switch. Tap the switch and it will turn blue, this means your store is activated. Tap again to deactivate. Scroll to the bottom and tap 'Save'.

You're good to go!

The app is now ready to receive orders from your customers! Don’t forget, we’re always available to offer a helping hand to get you up and running, you can contact us here. We're here to help!

We hope this lesson was helpful!

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