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Minimum Charges and Surcharges

In this lesson you will:

  1. Learn what a Minimum Charge and Surcharge is
  2. Learn how to set up a Minimum Charge and Surcharge
Important: This lesson is still a work in progress and the information is basic. If you are still struggling then contact our support team.

What is a Minimum Charge?

A Minimum Order Value or Minimum Charge is the amount that an order must total to be allowed to be placed in your venue. Orders less than this amount cannot be placed and the customer will be prompted to add more items to the order to increase the amount to the minimum value.

What is a Surcharge?

If there is a Surcharge or Additional Charge set then this amount is charged on top of the total order price to allow the customer to check out where the value of their order is below the minimum accepted value set in the minimum order value field. This allows customers to still purchase when below the minimum order value.

How do I change the Minimum Charges and Surcharges applied to my menu?

From within the drawer menu in the trof for vendors app, which is located in the top left in the phone version of the app when on the dashboard view, select the configure option and from within the settings page it is possible to change the values for the minimum transaction fee and surcharges.

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