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Setting Up Products

Ready to add items to your menu? Or is it time to have a change-up? You'll find everything you need to know here about adding, editing and removing items on your menu.

In this lesson you will:

  1. Learn how to add, edit and remove items from your menu.
  2. Learn how to hide items if they have sold out or are unavailable.
  3. Learn the benefits of offering add-ons and variations to your menu.

Why might I need this?

This feature of the app will allow you to add individual items to your menu. You can add ‘variations’ of the products. For example, if you were selling pies you could add multiple flavours of pie. This feature also allows you to add ‘add-ons’. This could mean adding chips to your pie but charging extra.

Let's get started

Once you have created your category (as shown in the separate lesson) you can then begin to add individual products to your menu. To begin you need to open the tróf for vendors app. Once you are onto the ‘dashboard’ page you need to select ‘menu’ from the buttons across the bottom of the page. Next, you need to select the category you want to add to, for example, food.

Adding a product

Once you are on the correct category you want to add to you should select the ‘+ New Product’ button at the bottom of the screen. Here you need to fill in the basic information about the product. Product Name, Price, a short description similar to your printed out menus. You are then given the option to make this product hidden or visible(do you want the customer to be able to see it active on your menu or not). Then there’s the availability tab, here you can select if your product is in stock or not allowing customers to not be able to order the product but is still visible on the menu. In this section you can also turn on or off ‘Enable for vouchers’ by clicking the box, when this is on it will turn to a green tick.


To add a variation to your product you need to press the ‘+ New Variation’ button which is shown below the product you have just added. You need to add the name of the product variation and price. For example, a pie may come in different flavours, this is where you add the flavours, steak and ale or chicken pie etc. This gives you the chance to change the price of the product, one flavour might be more expensive than another. Make sure you press the green ‘save’ button once you’re done.


The final feature of this page allows you to add-on extras. For example, you might want to add a bag of crisps. This can be added at an extra charge.

This is a good way of getting customers to purchase small extras. If the option is given they are more likely to say yes and order extra items. It’s a win for you!

Add the name of the extra item and the price you want to charge, then make sure you press the green ‘save’ button.

To complete this page you MUST press the blue ‘SAVE PRODUCT’ button at the bottom of the page or your item will be lost!

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