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Turning Orders On and Off

Switching your orders on on and off and why you may need to do this

In this lesson you will:

  1. Find where to toggle the order switches
  2. Learn why this can be useful in your venue

Why might I need to do this?

This feature can be useful for several different reasons.Maybe you’re closed for an extended period of time and unable to offer collection, perhaps you stop serving food after a certain time, or maybe you’re not ready to accept orders yet but your menu is ready. Either way, we’ve made it as simple as flicking a switch (no, really!).

Order Settings

Open your Trof for Vendors app and tap on the Orders icon at the bottom of your screen. Tap on the Settings cog at the top right and you will see a series of toggle switches.

Here you can choose to turn off orders altogether (both food and drink) with the Orders switch, or you can select either Food or Drink using the toggles below. Orders are switched on when the switch is blue and off when it is grey/white. This is why it is important when you set your menu up to use the correct category types.

As we mentioned before, this setting can be useful if you stop serving food after a certain time and wish to turn off the orders.

Once you’ve selected your settings, scroll to the bottom and tap Save. 

Remember to keep an eye on these settings as they will affect what the customer can see in their app.  

We hope this lesson was helpful!

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