Get the most powerful table service app in hospitality, for free.

Everything you need to get going, all in one app. Register, configure your settings, add your menu and products with variations and add-ons, accept and manage orders, pre-orders, collections — all in one app.

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We wanted to make a no bull****, no faffing table service app to help out our local pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes and hangouts.

What do I have to do?

You download the Vendor app onto a mobile or tablet.

Go through the in-app guided set-up or one of our lovely team can help you out. We even offer a Menu Upload service and can send you some free POS to get your customer on board.

Check out our guides for more help
How does it work?

Your customers download the app, place an order, and pay.

They can pay by card, save the card in their account for next time, or even use Apple Pay and Google Pay.

How does it work?

The order comes through to your app. Easy.

Accept it, make it, serve it. Your customer can monitor its progress all the way.

Operate how you want to.

We want to give you the freedom to operate as you wish. Whether it's direct to table, or via a collection point, you can do it with tróf.

Free forever. Built for you.

The only table service app that's truly on your side. No hidden costs, no subscriptions, no messing. Why not try us, and see for yourself?

Get set-up in minutes, not days.
No contracts, no subscriptions, no messing.
World-class support from a close-knit local team.
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